Contacting Rail Europe

Our Help articles let you find answers to questions immediately. Please run a search there first to see if your question is answered. For information about popular routes and train services, see our Discover content.



If you haven't found an answer to your question in our Help articles you can message us through the Help Beacon on our contact page. We offer round-the-clock customer support so we reply very quickly, and we prioritise urgent queries.

When emailing us prior to booking, please share a link to your search results. Simply copy and paste from your browser's address bar

Please note that links to any page beyond search results, e.g., Ticket Details or Payment pages, do not work, and screenshots generally do not have all the information we need.

Social media

You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. We love hearing about your adventures by train so please mention @raileuropeUK or post your pics! 

We're also happy to help with customer support queries via social media. However, we can't guarantee the response time, since we don't monitor these channels around the clock. If you need help, you should first search our Help articles, and then click "More Help" on the bottom right side of your screen to send us a message. 


Rail Europe does not offer a telephone number for customer support. However, you can find the answers to most questions immediately in our Help articles. We also respond quickly to email. 

On the day of travel

We can't always guarantee that we'll receive your email in time to assist you. We recommend speaking to staff at the station, who should be able to help.

Bespoke travel planning

Unfortunately we can't give detailed advice on specific itineraries. We recommend posting in a travel forum such as TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet, which have active communities of experienced travellers . We also recommend The Man in Seat 61. When you have an idea of your intended route, run searches on Rail Europe to view trains and timetables.