How to book an Eurail/Interrail seat reservation with Rail Europe?

Seat reservations are often offered at a discounted rate for rail passholders. They are required on high-Speed Trains, international cross border trains, some panoramic trains, and ferries. 

Please take a note that we offer SNCF, Eurostar, and Trenitalia train seat reservations. If you want to reserve seats for other trains,  you must do it through the Eurail website, please find the details here

    Enter the arrival and departure cities, the departure date and time, and the passenger types.  Then, click on "Add rail pass".

      Select your Rail Pass and click "Search".



      On the results page, you can see if your train requires a seat reservation or not. Please note that Rail Passes are not accepted for all journeys,  meaning that you may need to buy a full fare ticket. 

      Select your travel train and time. Then click on the "Continue" button .

      Choose ticket delivery method and add passenger details. Then click on "Add to basket".

      Once that's done, click on "Continue" or "Add another journey" if needed.

      Here you'll find the "Fare Conditions" tab. You can add or remove products if necessary. When you're ready and you've double checked the ticket information. Click "Continue".

      You are now "Prebooked". Next you can either place a "Hold" or "Checkout".

  •          Hold

The amount of time it shows on screen, till the time booking will be in your basket.

  •          Checkout

Next, add contact details and billing information.

  •          You can add payment details under secure online payment tab and accept the booking terms and conditions, privacy policy as well as the fare conditions of your tickets. 
  •           Click "Pay now".