The Rail Protection Product

A Rail Protection Product (RPP) may be offered by RAIL EUROPE to upgrade your flex and semi-flex tickets to fully refundable tickets (“Eligible Tickets “) via the Rail Protection Product.

The specific conditions that apply to the RPP are described here: Refundable – terms & conditions.

Rail Europe advises you to print them out if you choose to add the Rail Protection Product to your order.

This protection product is optional. This RPP is acquired by payment of a flat fee proportionate to the total amount of all Eligible Tickets. 

It takes effect on the day you purchase it (the day of your Order) and expires 60 days after the date of your trip.

If your Booking contains a mix of Eligible Tickets and flexible tickets, the Rail Protection Product will not apply to the flexible tickets. 

Should you cancel your entire Booking in such case, you will have to ask for a refund of your flexible ticket(s) through your Rail Europe Account.

To make a claim you should fill in the form accessible here:

You will be reimbursed under 60 days from the date you sent all the required documentation.