PK Pass - Swiss Travel Pass

There are now two kinds of vouchers for each passenger on the Swiss travel pass confirmation for the agents. A PDF file and a PKPASS file format are the two types of files.
PKPASS is a file format designed by Apple for its Wallet program that is used for the storage and exchange of digital passes. 
The important difference here is that the PKPASS file format is a type of file that users can only view on Apple laptops and iPhones, and it contains pass details as well as a barcode that must be shown to a railway official during transit. 
IPhone users can also add this boarding pass to their boarding wallet. Users of Android, on the other hand, will be unable to access the PKpass file format and will be forced to download and use the PDF Pass.

As a result, you can avoid printing your consecutive passes because this boarding pass PKpass file does the needful.