Quiet zone and Nonquiet zone within a train

Some trains in Europe have dedicated Quiet zone and Nonquiet zone coaches. If a particular train provides this option, the website will either offer you to select the preference of your choice, or seats will be auto allocated in one of the zones, which is subject to availability at the time of booking. Even when a preference has been given to either of the zones, a seat is not guaranteed in the selected zone. 

ICE trains

Quiet zone (Ruhebereich)

  • Preference can be given to the Quiet zone or the Nonquiet zone (also referred to as phone zone) at the time of booking as illustrated in the screenshot below.
  • Whenever the PDF ticket specifies Ruhebereich, the assigned seat would be in a quiet zone. 

When booked on a Quiet zone:
  • Travelers are not supposed to use their phones. 
  • The phone device should be kept on Silent mode once onboard the train. 
  • Speaking on the phone would be prohibited. 
  • If the travelers are found speaking on the phone, the conductor or fellow passengers will ask them not to do so. 

Phone zone (Nonquiet zone)

Mobile phone usage is permitted in the Phone zones. 

The PDF tickets that do not specify Ruhebereich are for seats that are located outside the Quiet zone. 


Trenitalia - Frecciarossa

Quiet zone (Area Silenzio)

  • Quiet zones (also referred to as Area Silenzio) are available on Business (all Frecciarossa trains) and Standard class (Frecciarossa 1000 only).  
  • The Quiet zone can be selected only at the time of fare selection by selecting the fare that is suffixed with "Silent area" as illustrated in the screenshot below.   

  • If a fare suffixed with Silent area is not selected, the seat would be assigned in Nonquiet zone and no changes can be made later.