OBB train ticket translation

OBB train tickets are only issued in German. We've created a guide in English to help you understand your tickets and key terms.

Erwachsener stands for adult. So "2 Erwachsener" means the ticket is valid for 2 adults as in the example above.

Kind stands for Child.

You'll find at the end of the page a glossary of the useful words.  

Is my ticket valid for all the passengers?

Either you will receive 1 ticket per passenger OR 1 ticket for all the passengers in the booking depending on the below scenario.

  1. If the train offers tickets and seat reservations separately, the system would give you individual tickets for each passenger and a combined seat reservation for all the passengers (sample ticket copy below)..

Seat reservations (sample ticket copy below).

2. Whenever the train offers combined ticket and seat reservation, a single voucher will be issued for all the passengers. If 1 ticket is issued for all the passengers, only the lead passenger's name is displayed on OBB train tickets. All other passenger names are contained in the QR code which the ticket inspector will scan (sample ticket copy below).

Important information:

ÖBB Sparschiene ticket, the print-at-home PDF ticket is provided immediately after booking the ticket (and also attached to the order confirmation email). However, Komfort or Standard ticket, will be provided as a Link to download the ticket on the ÖBB website. (instructions on how to download the ticket, using the download link would be available in the booking confirmation email). 

Please note that once PDF ticket has been generated by you, you won't be able to modify it. This is NOT an anomaly. If you have already downloaded your Komfort or Standard ticket, you can no longer exchange it or refund it as specified on the conditions in the confirmation email.

Glossary of useful terms

Datum: Date

Zeit: Time

Von: From

Nach: To

Klasse: Class of service

Fahrschein: Ticket.

Fenster: Window

Gang: Aisle (i.e. gangway)

Mitte: Centre

Gültig: Valid 

Sitzplätze: Seat numbers

Platz: Space (refers to your seat №)

Preis: Price

Reservierung: Reservation/booking

Wagen: coach (on mobile tickets, 'Wg' is used as an abbreviation of Wagen)

Zug: Train