Trenitalia seat selection

You have the option to select your seat/seating space on any eligible Trenitalia train. The feature is available for all High Speed Connections and intercity and some regional trains.

Initiate your train search as usual, pick your travel date, origin and destination stations/cities in Italy, and number and type of travelers. Select the Trenitalia train that best suits your needs and just after the fare type selection if a seat reservation is available for your train,  you'll be able to select* the exact placement you and your companions prefer on the train.  "Ticket Details" step of the booking process. 

Important things to note 
    The seat selection can't be modified after purchase and can't be added after the original ticket purchase.

If you want to choose your seat, please click on "Select" and the train seat map will appear.

You can select a different coach if possible (subject to availability) or just choose an available seat by clicking on it.

The "Cancel" button and the cross allow you to go back without confirming anything. If you choose some seats and hit cancel seats will not be selected. Please "Confirm" your choices.

Seat Reservations are based on actual availability at the time of booking (as such there is no guarantee of seat proximity in case of very busy sectors/travel dates). "Seat Reservation" is an additional service offered by Trenitalia and is offered on a voluntary basis and not required to complete the train booking. You can skip this passage if of no interest to you.


Fare   Price        
Base free
Economy 2,00€
Super Economy 2,00€
  • The seat selection is 80% refundable.