OUIGO Spain Tickets, Exchange and Refund instructions

OUIGO Spain (OUIGO ESPAÑA) is a low-cost carrier operating in Spain. The concept is much more like in the airline industry and the ticket usually includes only the basics. Services such as seats, luggage, and power outlets are additional features that can be either booked with Rail Europe during the booking process or directly with OUIGO Spain with the reference we will provide you during the booking stage.

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How to read an OUIGO Spain Ticket?

Once your purchase is completed on Rail Europe you shall receive your OUIGO Spain ticket in your mailbox in a PDF format. All the information required to travel is here. The Travel date and passenger name, the train number and searing options assigned, the ticket fare chosen (OUIGO Essential, OUIGO Plus or OUIGO Flex) as well as the services associated and the luggage allowance. Here you shall find also your Ticket CODE (also called PNR) which is the unique identifier of your reservation and is also required should you wish to modify your reservation, date, time or add optional services to your booking. There is also the QR code that shall be scanned at the departure station to give you access to the departure area. 

What is the difference between the fares? 

We offer different types of fares, Ouigo Essential and Ouigo+.  You can find the details of each inclusion during the search stage by selecting the fare you are interested in and reading the fare conditions.
Some of them include additional services such as Extra Leg space (XL seating which is subject to availability) * or additional luggage.  

Please be aware though that all Ouigo Spain tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.  

Ouigo Essential includes Standard Seating, 1 carry-on bag (36 cm x 27 cm x 15 cm), 1 cabin baggage (55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm), the possibility of changing the name of the traveller up to the day before the trip, the possibility of changing the date of travel (cost 30€ + the difference between the tickets). If you need to add more luggage or any other extra service, you can select it in the booking process of your ticket or add it up to 30 minutes before the departure of the train.
Ouigo Plus includes XL Seating (subject to availability) *, 1 carry-on bag (36 cm x 27 cm x 15 cm), 1 cabin baggage (55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm) and one additional piece of luggage (2 m x 2 m and 30 kg maximum). The possibility of changing the name of the traveller up to the day before the trip, the possibility of changing the date of travel (cost 30€ + the difference between the tickets). If you need to add more luggage or any other extra service, you can select it in the booking process of your ticket or add it up to 30 minutes before the departure of the train.

For more details please see our OUIGO Spain destination page here

What is included in my ticket? How to add extra services?

If you require more flexibility you can add the 'FREE EXCHANGE' option to either Essential and Plus at the time of ticket selection: this will allow you to waive the 30€ fees required for date/time change but you shall still be required to pay any difference between the old and new ticket (if any).

Once you select the fare you want and click on the "ticket detail" button you can review the details of your ticket and the options that are included. You are also able to add extra luggage if necessary. 

Seat selection services, as well as other extra services, are not currently available through Rail Europe but should you require them you can book them directly on the Ouigo Spain website using your reference code and email address (once you have received your ticket). 

INSIDER TIP: luggage options are more expensive when bought after the purchase of the ticket, so make sure you are aware of your luggage/space needs before confirming the booking.

How and where will I receive my OUIGO Spain Ticket?

Once your booking is completed you will receive your ticket directly in your mailbox from OUIGO Spain. You can print it or save it in PDF format on your phone ready to be used at check in. Make sure you save your travel document whether on paper or digital form and have it available at the station to board your train.

May I refund or exchange my ticket? How to refund a ticket?

Ouigo Spain Tickets  are non refundable, except in case of carrier cancellation or disruptions. 
In case of disruptions impacting your booked train the rail carrier OUIGO Spain will notify the ticket buyer by email and the traveller by WhatsApp - if they have provided their contact telephone number for this type of notification at the time of purchase. 
What do you need to know in case of train cancellation?  The refund claim shall need to be submitted directly on the OUIGO Spain website. The link and all details on how to submit your request will be available in the communication sent to you from OUIGO itself. 
In case of cancellation, you shall be able to choose between:
1. Alternative transport with OUIGO. In this case, you shall have 30 days to change your ticket free of charge. In addition, if the price of the new ticket is higher, you will not pay the difference. BUT If it is lower, there will be no refund.
2.  A refund of the amount of the journey affected by the cancellation. You can request a refund in the form of a  voucher or a credit on a VISA or MASTERCARD card or on a PayPal account . 
INSIDER TIP: If you opt for the refund in the form of a voucher remember that this voucher  is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and is not exchangeable for cash after its expiration if unused.  These vouchers are not compatible with the Rail Europe website and can only be redeemed on the OUIGO Spain website for Spanish journeys.
IMPORTANT: in case of very LATE cancellation = cancellation of the journey within 4 hours prior to the train's departure, you might be entitled, to additional compensation. The Compensation can reach double the amount of the journey value in the Voucher Form or 150% of the amount of the journey value on your Credit Card (VISA, MASTERCARD only) or Paypal account. The same conditions as above apply to the voucher: validity is 6 months and redeemable on the OUIGO Spain website. 
Please note that all additional payments or refund requests made directly on the OUIGO Spain website, require a VISA, MASTERCARD card or PayPal account.

How do I exchange my ticket? How do I add more services or options to my booking?

Ouigo Spain offers are non refundable but are  always exchangeable up to 30 minutes prior to the train departure. Depending on the fare chosen at the time of purchase, exchange fees of up to 30€ plus any additional difference in price between the old and new booking might apply. If you think you might need more flexibility while traveling in Spain we advise you add the FLEX option to your Ouigo ticket at the time of purchase (this costs on average 7~9€ per ticket) but saves you 30€ of exchange fees as Ouigo Flex tickets are exchangeable without fees up to 30 minutes before departure. Be aware that if there is any difference in price between the old and new bookings said difference will need to be paid at the time of exchange even with OUIGO Flex.

  • How to exchange/modify a reservation/ticket?

Currently, the carrier OUIGO has not opened the after sales processes to their distributors. As a consequence any modification, including exchanges, shall need to be performed directly on the OUIGO Spain website

To access the reservation you shall require the e-mail address used for the lead traveler during the booking process and the Ouigo Spain reference (or 'ticket code' as shown in the ticket example above). Once you are on the reservation page you can opt to:
- Change date of journey = to change time and date of travel
- add options or change passenger data = to add extra luggage, add a bike, pay to select seat option or change passenger details
- station assistance request = to accommodate the needs of passengers with disabilities

Please note that if any additional payment is required the Ouigo Spain website currently accepts VISA, MASTERCARD or PayPal. 

*XL seats are assigned to Ouigo Plus fare holders until it lasts. Once fully occupied, Ouigo Plus holders receive standard sized seats.