How to redeem gift card or coupon code?

You have purchased a gift card a few months back with Rail Europe or you have been provided a coupon code following the use of your RPP products, here are the details on how to use it on our new website!

To use the code you will need to create an account in Rail Europe and be connected to that account.

Unfortunately, you will have to complete your order with a minimum of 1€/1$ purchase by credit card so you won't be able to pay the full amount of your order with the coupon code/gift card. Also, the total value of the order cannot be lower than 5€/5$. 

If you use a partial part of your coupon code/gift card, you will need to contact us in order to generate a new code with the remaining amount (no modification of the expiration date of the original coupon/gift card).

You can find the voucher tab on the payment page.