How to get a refund for a rail pass

You can request a refund via your Rail Europe account. It only takes a minute and you'll get instant confirmation!

Even if you didn't register for an account when you placed your order, if you sign up with the same email address later you'll find previous orders stored in the new account.
Find the journey you want to refund under Your trips in your account.
Review its fare conditions to see the options and any fees. Select "Cancellation options" to specify the changes you want to make and request a refund.

If you see an error when you try to cancel a pass it could be because you have activated the pass. For Interrail/Eurail passes, open the Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner app on your mobile device and deactivate your travel days. For Swiss Travel Pass Flex, you will need to deactivate your travel days on Once all travel days have been deactivated you can try to cancel your pass again.
Select which pass you wish to cancel, and select "Calculate refund".

For passes, it is only possible to cancel the entire order. If you wish to cancel only one of the passenger of a group of several, you will need to cancel the entire group and buy new passes for the remaining travellers
You'll see a breakdown of your ticket price, cancellation fees and refund due. Click "Confirm" to proceed with the refund.

Once you confirm your refund, we'll send an email confirming the details. You'll also see a note alongside the cancelled ticket. Your payment card will be credited immediately and the refund will show in your account within a few days.