Submitting a claim to SNCF

If your train is delayed or cancelled, or if you need to request a refund due to bereavement or hospitalisation of a passenger on your travel date, we can submit a claim on your behalf. The following guidelines will assist you.

This article applies to all customers who book SNCF tickets (including TGV, TGV-Lyria etc). A different process applies to Renfe-SNCF trains between France and Spain e.g. from Paris to Barcelona.


How do I submit a claim?

If you think you are entitled to compensation, please click "More Help" on the bottom right side of your screen and message us with the following information: 

  • Your booking details: Please include your Rail Europe booking reference (it begins with "RE-"), passenger names and your train number. (You can find this in your Rail Europe booking confirmation email.)
  • Details of your disruption: Please include information about the length of the delay, or any other relevant details. 
  • Receipts for any other expenses incurred (if applicable):  If applicable, you should submit receipts for expenses in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage, e.g. alternative transport/taxi receipt, or a hotel bill if overnight accommodation was necessary. A photo/scan of these documents is acceptable, but we recommend retaining the original copies until your claim is resolved .

How do I claim for additional expenses?

Always check if your travel insurance provider can award compensation first.

SNCF will only consider (but not guarantee) refunds for overnight accommodation and transport between the station and accommodation. All other expenses should be pursued with your travel insurance provider.

How do I claim for a regional train?

If your tickets are for travel on a regional train (TER), we will need to submit a claim to the specific regional authority directly. This map will help you figure out which one.

Once we've found the relevant authority, wecan submit your claim by post or online.