How to claim compensation for a cancelled or delayed train or bus

This article explains how to claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled train or bus. 


Evidence required for a claim

Here's what you will need:

  • Your original tickets.
  • Receipts for any additional expenses.
  • Proof of your delay*.

*You can obtain proof of your delay from the ticket inspector or staff at a ticket office. Tickets are typically stamped or initialed with the length of delay written on them. 

The deadline to submit claims and complaints varies by rail operator but we always suggest making a claim as soon as possible by contacting us since many rail operators will not accept claims outside of their deadlines. Claims without the original ticket/s won't be accepted.

What compensation can I expect?

Although Rail Europe can't guarantee how compensation will be awarded for your claim, the CIV rules for trains include the following guidelines:

  • 60 - 119 minutes of delay: 25% ticket value
  • 120+ minutes of delay: 50% ticket value

Most rail operators pay money into the bank account that was used to buy the tickets. However, some issue vouchers for future travel.