Eurostar food preferences

Eurostar tickets in Standard Premier and Business Premier class include a meal on the train. Some alcohol is available for purchase; you can also bring your own on board on most trains. See below for the Eurostar ski train alcohol policy.


Requesting meals on the Eurostar

Eurostar meals are a light snack or a meal depending on your travel class and the time of day. You'll be able to choose from the following Eurostar food menu:

  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Vegan
  • Diabetic
  • Low fat
  • Low salt and
  • Gluten free
  • Child meal
  • Dairy free

For vegetarian and child meals, Eurostar require a minimum of 24 hours notice in advance of travel. For all other meals, Eurostar require 48 hours notice.

Unfortunately Eurostar are currently unable to cater for more complex dietary requirements, so you can only select one of the options above, not a combination.

How to request a special meal:

You can also request a meal yourself on Eurostar's site; please follow the steps below.

Go to Eurostar's page for managing your booking. Enter your PNR and the last name of any passenger on your booking and click "View Booking".
Your PNR is a six-character code that you'll find in your booking confirmation email. It is different from your Rail Europe order reference (Rail Europe order number are eight characters beginning with “LO-").


Once you are in the booking under the guest name, you may click on the ''change'' option for meal changes. 

You'll then see a list of the passengers on your booking. On the right, choose a meal option for each passenger (or leave as "no preference") from the drop-down menu:

Click "save". Your meal preferences have been changed and you are all set to travel. 

Can you take food and/or alcohol on Eurostar?


Food is permitted on any Eurostar train. There are no restrictions about which sort of food you can bring on board, but please be considerate of other passengers and don't take strong-smelling food on board. 


On intercapital and daytime ski trains; each traveller can take 4 bottles or cans of beer, or 1 bottle of wine. No spirits are permitted. You can also use EuroDespatch to bring more with you.

On overnight ski trains; Eurostar doesn't sell alcohol on board or allow travellers to bring their own alcohol with them. You can use EuroDispatch to bring some to your destination.