Missed train connections due to delays or disruptions

Missed trains connections are always possible due to delays, cancellations or just bad luck. This article will help you prepare you for any disruption.


Before you travel

Give yourself enough time
Our search results should calculate enough time to change trains. But, please consider increasing your connection time if a delay to one part of your journey will seriously impact your onward journey.
Get travel insurance
For any trip, you should purchase appropriate travel insurance. Although international train travellers are offered some protection, the extent of the protection is usually limited. 
As soon as you book train tickets, you should immediately purchase appropriate travel insurance, which will offer the most reliable protection for travel disruption.

If you miss your connecting train

In Europe, international rail travel is protected by " CIV rules".  This means you'll usually be permitted to travel on the next available train free of charge if your first train is delayed. They do not entitle you to a full refund of your order.

You will need to obtain proof of your delay to benefit from the CIV rules. Here's what you need to do:

Keep hold of all of your tickets
You may need to show your tickets on later services as evidence of the delay. They will also be needed to submit a claim when you return home.

Ask the ticket inspector to validate your tickets as evidence of the delay 
Tickets are generally stamped or initialed with the length of delay written on. You should present this at the ticket office at the next station, in conjunction with the tickets for your missed connection. The staff at the station will advise you about what to do next.

Claiming compensation for a delay

If you have multiple connecting trains and your first train is delayed, you might not be able to travel with your existing tickets on later trains for the entire journey. 

If you have to pay for new tickets, or overnight accommodation, you should be claim via your travel insurer. The rail operator will only award compensation for the delayed service. 

Our Help article Seeking compensation for a delay or cancellation has more info if you need it.