Do I need a railway seat reservation?

Railway seat reservations are not always necessary on all trains. Seats are free on regional trains.

All 1 st class tickets are automatically assigned and are included in the rate.

Compulsory seat reservations

Seats are allocated automatically when booking your train ticket. You will also be able to change your seat according to your preferences (aisle seats, windows seats…) and subject to availability. You can request the type of seat you would prefer.

Optional seat reservations

You won’t be able to reserve a seat on regional trains. However, you can still reserve your seats with few carriers as German rail operator, Deutsche Bahn, Austrian rail operator and ÖBB. For these trains, seats reservation can be added for an extra fee by going through the Ticket page.

All first class tickets are automatically assigned a seat reservation, which is included in the ticket price.

Trains without seat reservations

Lots of regional trains do not have seat reservations at all. Most regional trains typically have plenty of spare seating for all passengers, though you may find that they are busy during peak commuter travel times (when people travel to work in the early morning and return in the evening).