I can't collect my UK ticket

If you have a problem collecting UK tickets from a vending machine at the station, please follow the troubleshooting instructions below.

Troubleshooting collection issues

What did the error message say? 

If something goes wrong, it is important that you take a photo of the error message on the screen. If you can't, write it down or try to remember it. Then; 

Have you entered the correct ticket collection reference?

Your ticket collection reference is eight characters long and can be found on your booking confirmation email eg "WXYZ9876". This should not be confused with your Rail Europe booking reference which has six characters and begins with "RE-" eg "RE-ABC123". 


Have you tried a different machine?

If possible, try to collect your tickets from a different machine. Sometimes the ink or paper runs out.


Is there a problem with your debit card? 

If you have entered your ticket collection reference correctly, please use a different bank card. The machine may not recognise your card if the magnetic strip or chip is dirty or damaged, your card has expired or, in rare cases, you are using an American Express card.

Can staff at the ticket office help?

If you still can't collect your tickets, please speak to a member of staff at the ticket office. They should be able to help you print your tickets. If they can't, ask them for the serial number of the machine and written proof that it was faulty.

I still don't have my tickets. How can I travel?

If you've tried everything above and still can't collect your tickets, you may have to buy new tickets to travel. If this happens, please get in touch using the "more help" beacon and we will help you to submit a claim for your uncollected tickets. To do so, we will need;

  • A photo or scan of the replacement tickets that you were forced to buy.
  • Written proof that the ticket machine was faulty from staff at the station.
  • The serial number of the faulty ticket machine.

Example error message

If you see an error message when collecting your tickets, you must document it. Take a photo with a smartphone or write it down if you can. The error messages don't always make sense, but they can help us to diagnose the problem.