Using print-at-home train tickets

If you choose print-at-home train tickets you will receive a PDF version of your tickets and instructions for printing them with your booking confirmation email.

It's not usually possible to show PDF tickets on a mobile device so you should choose mobile tickets if that's your preference.


What does a print-at-home ticket look like?

Each rail operator has their own print-at-home ticket design. We currently offer print-at-home tickets for the following rail operators. You can click on each tab to see an example of the print-at-home ticket:

The Renfe print-at-home ticket must be printed before arriving at the station. 

For more information see our Help article Understanding your Spanish train ticket

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Printing guidelines

Print-at-home tickets must be printed. They cannot be displayed on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone (but there are exceptions).

The most important aspect of printing your tickets is that the QR code, or barcode, is clearly displayed.

The ticket inspector will scan your tickets, so we advise that you print your tickets on plain A4 or US letter paper. We don't advise printing tickets in economy mode, as this can make the barcode or QR codes unreadable.

If you don't have a printer

If you don’t have access to a printer, the best thing to do is print one at an internet cafe for a small fee. Alternatively, you can ask at your hotel or accommodation.

Can I present PDF tickets on a mobile phone?

The following rail operators permit passengers to present their print-at-home tickets on a suitable mobile device.

  • Renfe
  • France - Spain TGV
  • Regional Trenitalia trains
  • SNCF
  • Ouigo Spain
  • SNCB (It is advised to print the ticket. If you are unable to print your ticket, you can always show the PDF version of the ticket to the train conductor on a smartphone or tablet in good working order.)
It remains the passenger's responsibility to ensure that the ticket PDF ticket is readable on a mobile device. The device must have enough battery and not have a broken screen. You may be fined if you are not able to present your ticket. If you're in any doubt, print it out before travel