Can I change my train ticket delivery method?

For details of train and bus ticket delivery options on Rail Europe, please see our Help article What are the train ticket delivery options?

Choosing your delivery option

Most tickets on Rail Europe are available via one or more of the following delivery methods:

  • Print-at-home - PDF ticket sent by email; print before travel
  • Mobile or e-tickets - show your ticket on your smartphone or another mobile device
  • Collect-at-station - use a collection reference, and in some cases, your payment card, to collect tickets at the station before travel
  • Paperless - you'll have a reference number instead of a ticket
If possible, we will offer a choice of ticket delivery options on the Ticket Details page.
If only one of the ticket delivery methods is made available by the rail operator, you will not be given a choice, but we'll still show you the delivery method.

Changing your ticket delivery method after purchase

We normally can't change your delivery method after you've checked out. However, some rail operators supply tickets in multiple or flexible formats:
Rail operator/route Delivery options
Eurostar Intercapitals (London-Pairs/Brussels etc.)
French Connection (Eurostar + TGV)
  • If you selected mobile tickets but need a print-at-home ticket instead, please contact us.
  • You can collect French Connection fares at Eurostar terminals only (London St. Pancras, Paris Nord). It is not possible to collect French connection fares from SNCF stations in France.
Deutsche Bahn If you selected mobile tickets, you can use your "Auftragsnummer" to download print-at-home tickets from Deutsche Bahn.
Trenitalia Regionale You can present print-at-home tickets on Regionale trains in Italy on a smartphone or other mobile device.
Trenitalia Paperless tickets for Trenitalia tickets are not available in any other format.
Italo Paperless tickets for Italo trains do not require you to have a printout. However, we can obtain one if you need it for some reason.
UK trains It is not possible to change the delivery method for UK trains once your ticket is booked.

It is not possible to change the delivery method for Renfe-SNCF trains or other international tickets to/from Spain. They must be printed out before travel.


You can always apply for a refund and re-book new tickets with your desired delivery method, if your fare conditions permit it.