How to get to the Isle of Man with Rail / Sail tickets

This article explains how to get to the Isle of Man. The train and ferry combination to the Isle of Man is called a Rail & Sail fare. This fare allows you to travel from any UK station to Douglas (Isle of Man), or from Douglas to the UK. The tickets we sell are for a combined train journey in the UK and a ferry crossing. Please note you'll need to book a free reservation for the ferry separately. 

How to book tickets to the Isle of Man 

Enter "Douglas Isle of Man" as your destination to book tickets (one-way or return) from the UK to the Isle of Man, via Heysham or Liverpool.

Please remember to book your free ferry reservation separately. 

How to book tickets from the Isle of Man

It's not currently possible to book tickets (one-way or return) from the Isle of Man to the UK because there are no National Rail ticket collection facilities on the Isle.

To book a Rail & Sail trip from the Isle of Man via Heysham or Liverpool, please visit the Steam Packet ferries booking office at the Ferry Travel Shop in the Sea Terminal, Douglas. More information is available from the Steam Packet website

How to book the ferry

You can make a reservation for the ferry free of charge by contacting the Steam Packet reservations team at or 01624 661661. They will issue you with your ferry reservation, subject to availability. 

We strongly recommend that you check for space on the ferry with the Steam Packet reservations team before you proceed through checkout. It may be possible to book a ferry reservation on the day. But, we do not recommend this. Ferries often sell-out during spring/summer, the TT race and the Festival of Motorcycling in late August.