Rail Europe booking fee

A note about Rail Europe booking fees:

We are proud of the top-notch service and user-friendly booking platform that you’ve come to know and love. The funds we generate through booking fees allow us to continuously invest in high quality customer support & innovative tech. We’ve done our best to keep fees fair for services rendered. Even with booking fees included, Rail Europe continues to be a competitively priced supplier of train tickets and passes on the market.

A breakdown of fees:

       In 2024, fees will range from 0 to £6.45 (€7.45, $8.45, CA$9.95, AU$9.95) on train journeys with a value of at least £15, $15 or €15, CA$20 or AU$20.

       A flat fee will apply to your cart at check out. Save by booking several journeys at a time—the fee will only be applied once per cart!

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support in helping us Unlock Connections. Happy booking!