How to manage bookings in your account

With an account you can download tickets, apply for a refund, and view your itineraries, among other tasks. The following article will show you how to manage your bookings and make the most of out your account. 

For information on VAT receipts, please see Tax receipts for train tickets

View your itinerary

Once you've booked your journey, you can view your past and future itineraries under "Your Trips":

Download tickets

If you have print-at-home tickets, they are available for download from both your confirmation email or Your Trips. Click on the journey you want to download tickets for, and you'll see all the journey details as well as a button that reads "view PDF tickets".

Apply for a refund

Our Help article Refunding your tickets has specific details about how to cancel and refund your journey, per the fare conditions, in your account.

Re-send your booking confirmation

You can re-send your confirmation email if you have an account with Rail Europe. Simply select the order from "Your Trips", scroll down and click the "Re-send confirmation email" button on the right hand side of the screen:

Re-send your proof of payment

You can re-send your proof of payment via your Rail Europe account. Select the order from "Your Trips", scroll down and click the "request it by email" button, which can be found underneath the "share your journey" and "re-send confirmation email" buttons on the bottom right hand side of the screen: