Problem with your order: Checkout error

If you encounter an error after you've paid, do not buy another ticket. Our tech team will be in touch with you soon.


What is a checkout error?

Very occasionally a problem can occur with a rail operator's system at the point of purchase. We call these "checkout errors" and we take them very seriously.

If you encounter a checkout error you will see a message similar to the following after you have paid:

What causes a checkout error?

There are a few reasons why you might experience a checkout error:

  • Print at home tickets failed to download
    This is the most common cause of a checkout error and it is easily fixed. Our software will automatically try to download your tickets again. In most cases, this works and your tickets will be sent by email after a few minutes.
  • Seat reservations/fares aren't available
    Sometimes, tickets which appeared to be available disappear at the last moment. We'll try to rebook your tickets manually and get in touch with you soon.
We are alerted every time there is a checkout error. Our tech team are responsible for resolving them and will email you shortly after your booking fails. 

What now?

  • Don't buy new tickets, either on Rail Europe or elsewhere. We can almost always confirm a failed booking, so we should be able to send your tickets to you once we've fixed it. 
  • We've been notified so you don't need to do anything (checkout errors trigger an automatic alert to the team).
  • You will receive an automatic email which confirms that we have been notified. You can reply to that if you want to, or wait to hear from us.
  • Check your inbox. Sometimes, it's fixed very quickly and you'll find that the tickets arrive after a few minutes.
  • If the tickets don't arrive after a few minutes, a member of us will be in touch as soon as possible, including on weekends. If it's late at night or you are using the site from outside Europe, you'll hear from us in a few hours.