Tax receipt for train & bus tickets

Rail Europe is not usually able to provide train ticket receipts for VAT ("Value Added Tax") (This is the same for bus ticket receipts.). If you need proof of purchase, we recommend that you use your confirmation email or the tickets themselves.

In the UK, train tickets are currently zero rated for Value Added Tax (VAT) and so VAT receipts are not issued. You should use your tickets or collection receipt if you require proof of purchase.
French train tickets do not currently include Value Added Tax ("Taxe sur la valor ajoutée", or TVA) so receipts are not available.
It is not currently possible to obtain a receipt/invoice for purchases made via Rail Europe. However, Trenitalia offer an invoice for registered users of their website at the point of purchase.
There is a sales tax, called IVA in Spain, which is a value added tax on sales. This is shown on your ticket. 

For international journeys, this is included in you ticket. You will see Security charges SOV and IVA tax are included (" Tasas de seguridad, S.O.V. e I.V.A. includes").

For domestic journey, the IVA tax is itemised on your ticket next to your seat number. See Understanding your Renfe ticket for sample tickets.

In Germany, a value added tax, called Mehrwertsteuer Deutschland (Mwst D) (currently 19%) is applied. This is shown on your ticket alongside your seat reservations. See Understanding your Deutsche Bahn ticket for a sample ticket.
Eurostar journeys do not incur a VAT charge, so VAT receipts are not issued.