Getting started with Rail Europe

We've designed Rail Europe to be intuitive and easy to use. Follow this step-by-step guide to get started on your next European train trip.


Search for trains

On the home page you'll find everything you need to begin your search. Start by entering your desired departure and arrival stations, then use the calendar below to select your departure date. By default, the departure time is set for 06:00 in a 24-hour format.


Add passengers

You can add passenger details just below the search bar. It's possible to search for Adult, Senior or Youth tickets. If you are travelling in a group you can search for a combination of tickets for passengers of all ages by clicking the "Show more passengers type" button.


Add railcards

If you have a railcard, you can apply the discount it offers by clicking "+ Add railcard", then selecting your card from the drop-down menu. You can read more about railcards we support in the following Help article: Using railcards.


Search results

Click "Find trains" and your search results will appear.

To view the different fare types and travel classes available, click on departure time you want and expand the drop-down menus as follows:  

If you want to change yours search, click "Edit" on the right side of the screen or go back on a mobile device:


Check the fare conditions

Once you have read, and are happy with, the specific fare conditions of the ticket you have selected click "Ticket details" to enter your passenger information. 


Enter ticket and passenger details

The next page displays the details of the ticket you've chosen. Here, you can specify your seating preferences (window, aisle) and any extra options that may be available (e.g., TGV Duplex deck preference). You can also select your ticket delivery method. If you already have a Rail Europe account, you can choose passengers from your saved passenger list or add new ones here. Make sure to enter the correct passenger name alongside the corresponding type - they appear in the order you entered them when you started your search. 

We confirm your ticket reservations when you click "Add to basket" on the right-hand side of the page.

You can see how many items are in your basket at any time, even if you navigate away from the page by looking for the basket icon in the top right-hand corner.


View your shopping basket

The amount of time we can hold your reservation is shown at the top of the basket. Some promotional tickets can be held for around 30 minutes, others for several hours or even several days. You can delete any unwanted items from your basket by clicking the rubbish bin icon alongside the order item. It's not possible to delete individual passengers from your basket, so you'll need to run a new search if the number of passengers has changed.


View your seats

You can check the seats that have been assigned before you checkout. Make sure that you are happy before you proceed, because it isn't usually possible to change seats after you've placed an order.

The Basket page is your opportunity to check the details of your tickets and review your seat numbers etc. Please read everything carefully. Once you are happy with your preferences and passenger details, click "Checkout" on the right hand side of the page.


Enter all your details here including contact details, cardholder address, and payment details. You have another opportunity to review ticket details before your place your order.



After entering your card details, you may be redirected to your bank's 3D-Secure service, where you can complete additional security questions to authorise the payment. If you have any trouble or need further information read the help article: Problems making payment.


Booking complete!

You'll see a screen confirming that your booking was successful. And a few minutes later, you'll receive a confirmation email that contains your ticket details.

Still need help?

Search our Help articles for answers to other questions.