Long names on tickets cut off

Please enter each passenger's full name when booking tickets. Include long names and double-barrelled or hyphenated names. We will format your name to meet the rail operator's requirements, so your name might appear differently on your ticket. 

Reformatting names is necessary to issue tickets, but does not affect their validity.

How we might change your name

Removal or shortening of your forename

The character limit for most rail operator systems is 18 characters. So if your full name (forename and surname) exceeds 18 characters, we trim your first name so that it fits within the limit. The surname is more important so we try to fit this in its entirety if possible. 

Shortening of your surname

If your surname is very long we will include as much as possible (up to 18 characters), so it may appear cut off. 

Removal of hyphens and accented letters  

If your name is hyphenated or contains letters with an accent e.g. á, ü, ñ we will strip these out before sending your name to the rail operator. Your name will appear in the basic Latin / English alphabet on your ticket.  

People who only have one name

If you only have one name (mononymous), please enter your full name in the "First Name" box, and your name minus the final character in the "Last Name" box. For example: "Ronaldo Ronald" or "Madonna Maddon".

First and last names are the same

If your first and last names are identical, please enter your first name in the "First Name" box and your last name, minus the final letter in the "Last Name" box. For example: "Yin Yi" or "Franklin Frankli".