Sharing & saving your train ticket search

On Rail Europe, you can share train search results with others or save them to your account for future use. Sharing and saving train and bus search results is helpful for making plans with friends or showing off about your forthcoming trip. 

It's also helpful for Rail Europe staff if you encounter any problems searching for trains or want to exchange your tickets. 


Sharing search results

Search URLs on Rail Europe are unique and will always return you to the page you were viewing. It's possible that the ticket prices expire and need to be updated, but the key information - dates, destination and passengers - will be retained. 

Please note that it's not possible to save or  share search results from within the Rail Europe app. 

If you have a question about your search results or a specific train, simply copy and paste the URL into your message to us. Please follow the steps below:

Search for trains

Our Help article Getting started with Rail Europe contains all the information you will need to find the trains you want. 


Copy the URL and paste it where you want to share your results.
Anyone who clicks the link will be able to view your search results. 

Share a specific train

Select the train you want and then copy/paste the URL as above. This changes the URL of the page and allow others to see exactly which train you have selected when you share the link. 

Saving search results

Saving a search lets you shop around for different journeys without losing your previous searches. It's especially helpful for comparing different dates, or if you're waiting to confirm plans. You'll need to be signed into your Rail Europe account to save a search. (You can sign up for an account here.)

Saving a search 
On a search results page, you'll see buttons on the right side of the screen. If you click "save" you'll stay on the search results page but the button will change colour and show "saved".

Reviewing your saved searches 
If you click "saved" you can view your saved searches in your account
Alternatively, you can access your saved searches at any time by using the drop down menu under "Hi" at the top of the screen. 

You can share your saved searches from this page at any time by clicking the share icon: