Saved payment cards

When you make a booking on Rail Europe, you will be invited to enter a password at checkout to create a Rail Europe account. This enables you to securely save your payment card for future bookings.


How to save a payment card

You will need to create a Rail Europe account to save a payment card. Please follow the steps here to create an account.

When you enter your card details, click "Save this card" to save it to your account as you complete your purchase. 

After your first purchase, your saved card will appear next time you make a purchase. You'll be prompted to enter your 3-digit "CVC" number to verify the payment. You can also choose to pay with a new debit or credit card.
All card details are stored securely and encrypted by our payment provider. They are not stored on Rail Europe's servers and cannot be accessed by our team.

How to change or delete your saved payment card

You can change the billing address associated with your saved card, or delete the saved card via your account.

To replace your saved card with a different card, choose "New debit or credit card" on the checkout page and then select "Replace saved card".