Italian train tickets - ticket types & discounts

There are a range of Italian train tickets, including special offers and promotional fares with discounts. We have a direct connection to the Italian rail operator, Trenitalia, as well as the new private high-speed operator, Italo, so it's possible to find all cheap Italian train tickets on Rail Europe. We've outlined ticket types and special offers below.


We recommend booking in advance to get the cheapest Italian train tickets. For more details on booking horizons, see How far in advance can I book?

Italian train ticket types and discounts

Fare conditions vary, with the cheapest tickets offering the least flexibility, while more expensive tickets usually permit refunds and exchanges. You should always check the fare conditions associated with your tickets before buying, and if necessary read more general information about  Ticket Types: Fares & Flexibility.

Fare type Details
Super Economy Super Economy is the cheapest train ticket for travel within Italy and is available on all domestic Trenitalia trains. Book up to midnight of the tenth day before departure. Tickets are non-flexible (non-exchangeable and non-refundable).
Economy  Available on all domestic Trenitalia trains. Book up to midnight 2 days before departure (Italian time). Tickets are semi-flexible prior to departure and can be exchanged but not refunded.
Base Full price tickets, subject to availability, on all long distance domestic Trenitalia trains. Available up to and including the day of travel. Tickets are semi-flexible and can be exchanged and refunded.
Ordinary  'Ordinaria' fares are available on regional Italian trains. Available up to and including the day of travel. Tickets are semi-flexible and can be exchanged (time/date change only). Tickets with a value less or equal to €8 can't be refunded. Tickets are valid on the route specified on your ticket for 4 hours from the stated departure time.  
Serenita Serenita fare is available on Frecciarossa 1000 Trenitalia trains to/from Italy and France only. You can book this offer in Standard and Business class of service with a silent area option if you want to travel in a quiet environment, or you can also choose to travel in Executive class. Tickets are semi-flexible and can be exchanged and refunded. 2 daily services departing early in the morning and in the afternoon. 
Mini The cheapest tickets for international Trenitalia trains to/from Italy and Switzerland only. Book up to 21 days before departure.
Smart Cheap tickets for international Trenitalia trains to/from Italy and Switzerland, France and Germany. Book up to 14 days before departure.
Smart 2 The next price level on international Trenitalia trains, is available after the cheapest "Smart" fares have sold out. Book up to 7 days before departure.
Flexible Full price tickets for international Trenitalia trains to/from Switzerland, France and Germany. Available up to and including the day of travel.
Low Cost (Italo) Low Cost tickets can be purchased in any class on high-speed Italo trains in Italy. They're available up to and including the day of travel, but are subject to availability so are often sold out by the date of departure.
Economy (Italo) More expensive than Low Costs fares, but with fewer restrictions. Available in all classes on Italo trains. Available up to and including the day of travel, depending on availability.
Italo Special Italo Special tickets offer 50% off Flex fares for travel during off-peak times (Tuesdays or Wednesdays 09:30 and 13:30, or any time on Saturdays). Available up to 2 days prior to travel, depending on availability.
Flex (Italo) Full price tickets for Italo trains, with maximum flexibility.
Club Executive Salotto  (Italo) The ticket is flexible, it can be cancelled or exchanged for a fee. A partial refund is not possible for multiple passengers booked together on a Salotto fare.

Special offers on Italian trains 

In addition to the discounts offered on everyday tickets, Trenitalia also has some special offers for Italian trains. If your search is eligible, we'll show applicable discounts and fares in the drop-down menu that contains your tickets. If you're not sure how to change your ticket type, check out  Getting started with Rail Europe for some tips.  

Special Offer Details
Bimbi Gratis Bimbi Gratis is a special offer for families, allowing children under 15 to travel for free in groups of 2-5 people, with at least one adult (min. one adult, one child). Available on Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabiana and Intercity trains for travel within Italy. 
Insieme Travelling with your family or friends with Trenitalia is now even more pleasant and affordable. With Insieme's offer, small groups from 3 to 5 people travelling on Frecce and Intercity trains can save up to 50%.
Weekend Return Customers can plan a different journey every weekend on board the Frecce and save up to 40%. Departure on Saturday and return on Sunday.
Same day return This special offer is for a same-day return trip on Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca trains. Only applicable to direct trains. Book up to midnight the day before departure.
Family This offer can be purchased up to two days before the train departs. It is for families composed of 2 to 5 people (group must include 1 adult & 1 child younger than 12 years - up to 50% discount on child and 20% for others) on regional and night Trenitalia trains.
Day Return (Italo) This special offer is for a same-day return trip, when you travel to and from the same destination, on Italo trains. Discount of over 50%, exchanges are allowed up until 3 minutes before train departure.
Milano Special (Italo) Milano Special offers a 50% discount off for non-refundable tickets in Smart (Standard), Extra Large (Premium) and Prima (Business) Class. Book at least 2 days before departure. No changes or refund permit, subject to availability.
Family (Italo) This offer is for families composed of a minimum of 2 people and up to 4 people, with at least 1 passenger over 18 years of age. Children under 14 years old travel for free in Smart and Prima ambiance. Infants under 36 months of age are not included.

Railcard discounts in Italy

Railcard Details
CartaFRECCIA Available for Youth passengers under 30 years old and Senior passengers from 60 years old.
Card must be purchased prior to booking and the passenger's name must match the card owner. 
A valid identity documentation can be asked on the train.
The card is free. It offers up to 50% discount on Youth and Senior fares (subject to availability). Please find more details here

Important things to note 
  • All tickets and special offers are subject to availability
  • Please refer to the fare conditions for applicable terms  
  • Tickets are available in Euros or converted into GBP
  • We aim to keep this information up to date, but it should be referred to as a guide only. Please let us know if you think something needs updating