Loco2 changes to Rail Europe UK

On 6 November 2019, the Loco2 website changed its name to become Rail Europe UK. We know you probably have some questions, so we've done our best to address them below. 

Will I still be able to access my account?

Yes. Your original Loco2 account is still valid, and you can log on just as you always have. All of your previous orders still live in our system, and your details and passengers have been saved. 

Is my order still valid?

Yes. Nothing about your order has changed and all future journeys are still valid for travel. The only thing that will be different is that from November 2019 onwards you'll have a Rail Europe order reference instead of one beginning with LO-. 

What happens to my stored payment information?

Like the rest of your account details, your payment information is still stored in your account, and you can manage it just as you did previously. 

Will your service change?

No. If anything, it will improve! Now that we're a bigger company, we'll have more resources and the ability to be even more competitive. The same Travel Geeks (and a few new ones) are still here to answer your questions 7 days per week. 

Why should I still book with you?

We will still offer the cheapest tickets for many rail operators since we have a direct connection to their booking systems. 

What will change besides the name?

At the moment, everything about the website will be the same except the name. The booking process, or rail and bus operator connections, and user experiences remain unchanged. 

My booking confirmation/tickets say Loco2. Will they be recognised?

Yes. Operators are not concerned who your ticketing agent is, only that you have a valid ticket. 

Can I still book on this site from anywhere in the world? 

The short answer is yes. If you type raileurope.co.uk in you will be directed to our site no matter where you are located. However, Google searches will direct you the geographical site for your region, i.e., raileurope.com (North America),